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24th April 2005

5:47pm: alrighty then!
and so today was pretty good. that ips test kinda sucked b/c i couldn't remember like hardly any of em. it was so funny though b/c me and cait were sittin there tryin to like make up little rhymes or w/e for all the elements and stuff..we came up with some pretty good ones too. like for example for copper, {Cu, 1,2) cait came up with 'i have 12 CUps of Copper' and i actually remembered that one. then for iron {Fe, 2,3} i came up with a rhyme thingy that you have to say to the beat of 'emu xx, level 2 xx' {it was from camp last summer..chances are you don't know what it means but if you do..uh..yeah} so anyway it goes "iron-fe xx, 2 n 3 xx' so yeah, that was pretty fun and i think we both did okay. then in religion the graz just talked the whole time {and josh that still cracks me up that your sister almost ran her over haha...oh man} and lit we just continued to read romeo and juliet which mrs nowinski definitely can't just make things easy and not give us 80,000 tons of freaking homework..seriously just b/c shes miserable does that mean that she has to make the rest of us miserable like her too? arghh..then french was french..nothin too special. then at lunch i bought my little sister a cookie b/c she says she wanted to try one so i brought her one b/c im nice like that. gym was gym..western civ was western civ..algebra was algebra. nothin really terribly special about em. so yeah, now im sitting here waiting for my room to get done so i can start setting it up even though theres really nothing to set up. like my mom told me to get rid of my dresser, bookcase, and nightstand. so now i basically have a bed and a little like chest of drawers thingy that i don't want to keep so idk what im supposed to do in there. oh well..i was talking to rick in the car today and he just said to give the house a month to get better and like it has gotten better and whatnot but idk..it still needs a lot done to it and whatnot. anyway...its nice out so im gonna go like play street hockey with aim {my little sister} or go for a run or something. i'll uhmm..yeah..im out homies.:.:.:.

oh yeahhhh...tara..we would definitely be awesome newscasters:) haha
Current Mood: sick..kinda..i hate allergies

23rd April 2005

8:06pm: okay subject boxes officially have no point..i've decided
real date-april 19

eh, not really too much to say for today. things haven't been too great lately..idk..just stuff at home but oh well..i guess its just house stuff thats like really stressful. but other than that summer cannot come fast enough, or at least cedar point:)! im out....

have fun!
Current Mood: blah

22nd April 2005

6:12pm: weekends go by waaaaaaaaay too fast
real date-april 17, my dads birthday!

eh, this weekend was really fun. friday i stayed at my g-ma and g-pas house with my dad and that was fun i guess, just hung out the whole time. then saturday we had cheerleading tryouts and that went good i guess. i made jv again this year which is fine, im just like bummed b/c caits on varsity which like im happy for her but im sad at the same time. but like i was thinkin about it and i was just like its not like we're friends bc we do cheerleading together, we're friends b/c we're friends and idk..i felt kinda better about the whole thing. but like it really surprised and irritated me about someone in particular who got moved up to varsity. like this person that im not gonna name was in the same 'group' for me like basically the whole year and shes a really nice girl but like at practice, she'd hardly ever try anywhere near to what i would, she had a really crappy attitude a lot of the time, and i just think that there were a lot of people that probably deserved it more. but oh well, can't change the way things worked out so im not gonna worry about it. im just glad i still have most of the jv girls again! its gonna be a great season since we won't have 800000 coaches and hopefully no quitters who don't even have the balls to tell the team they're quitting..yeah..you might know the skank im talking about. then after cheerleading i went to the baseball game with patty but they had the mercy rule thingy b/c lumen was down 14-0 in the 5th inning which sucks but oh well. then i went home and my mom actually made like a lunch and stuff..it was really good. after that we went furniture shopping and got a ginourmous sectional for our livingroom which won't be here for like a month apparently b/c my mom just had to pick out a fabric that they like didn't have so yeah, we won't have like anything in our livingroom for a while now for sure meaning our house will be the ginourmous mess that it is right now and i will continue to spend all my time in either the den or the kitchen..joy! but anyway, then tara came over and that was so much fun. like we seriously had a blast. i felt real sick for a little while so i like fell asleep on the couch while tara, whit, and michael were working on me and whits future car {the le baron haha its a convertible..im so excited} then when i felt better i went outside and helped em then rick said we coudl drive around the neighborhood in it so we put the top down and me and tara were in the back while whit and michael were in the front and it was sooo much fun. like seriously just drivin around listening to music was so fun. i can't wait til this summer! but then we went back inside and were watching all these old school nickelodeon shows {global guts, double dare 200, figure it out, legends of the hidden temple--my favorite! you'd know em if you saw em} and it was so fun. then like we decided to crash my cousins lan club party and well..that coulda gone better but it was still really funny. the whole lan club probably hates us now but i don't really care. then we came home and apparently watched office space but i fell asleep so i think instead of lit hw im gonna just go ahead and watch office space {damn it feels good to be a gangster. haha oh man} and sixteen candles {dong, where is my automobile? AUTOMOBILE? lake..big lake! hahah} i love those movies. but yeah, thats all for now! byebye!

have fun!
Current Mood: cheerful

21st April 2005

9:14pm: another looooong day....
real date-april uhm..14, yeah thats it

okay, so is it me or is it like reall hard waking up in the morning? ugh..this sucks. but anyways..mrs larner needs to be like shot 80 times b/c 1 bullet won't even hurt her. seriously, thats pathetic that she has nothing better to do than yell at people for a freaking fleece, honestly now..thats when you know you should just kill yourself b/c you obviously have nothing left to live for if your biggest concern in life is what some high school kids wear to school. god..if i ever end up like that, i hope to god i like die or something b/c i definitely wouldn't wanna be as hateful as she is. other than my encounter with her this morning, today was pretty good i guess. after school caitlin came over for a little bit before we went to cheerleading and that was fun. then we went back to lumen and were at the soccer game which was fun {except for the popcorn made my lips real chapped which kinda sucked} then like we went back inside 20 or so minutes before cheerleading was gonna start and omg..it was like just so much fun like walking down there..idk..we have fun doing the most retarded things..like, okay, this is gonna sound really dumb but like okay..apparently if you hit someone on the head, they lose 10 brain cells..so of course we definitely take advantage of that by hitting eachother on the head and counting by 10 to see how many braing cells we can make eachother lose..its really fun and you should all try it sometime. i think she won this time 130-80 i think haha..oh man, definitely want a rematch! haha anyways, i gotta do my lit homework so yeah..

have fun!
Current Mood: silly-130 is a pretty big # ha

19th April 2005

10:42pm: yeah..no subject really
real date--april 13..and this is the second time ive had to do this entry b/c my pc's bein real gay

so yeah, this is the first time this entire year i've looked forward to summer. waking up in the morning is like really hard after spring break for some reason and it really sucks..a lot. but then again, like im gonna be really sad once freshman year is over just because it went by so fast and like i know the rest of high school is gonna go by just as fast and it just sucks to think about. like i can tell you right now, i know im gonna be cryin at graduation..i just know it. and like today, after school my gma picked me up and took me over to the old house to get the rest of our stuff to take to our new house and whatnot and it was like so sad b/c like i've moved prolly 3 or 4 times over the last 10 years or so which i think is a lot since i know people who haven't moved at all over the past 10 years and just like everytime it gets harder and harder b/c of all the memories and stuff that went on there. it was especially hard to walk out of my old room for the last time just b/c of everything in my life i went through in my room. like for one, that was the first room ive had since i was like 4 that was all mine like that i didn't share and i still don't share a room, but my room is under construction for another like 2 or 3 weeks which really sucks, but oh well, nothin i can do about it so no sense in whining over it. and idk..i was lookin at how empty everything was and it was just sad but like the house seemed so peaceful or something, idk then i get to our new house and its just like chaotic with all the boxes and everything. living out of boxes just sucks. a lot. but idk..its gonna get better with everything here, i mean, i really like our new house and i'll like it a lot better once we get all moved in and whatnot which is good so i guess no complaints..for now...haha

cedar point-33 days! can't wait man...especially since i'll actually ride all the rides w/ cait this year haha...

oh man..rocko's modern life just came on! i used to love that show! im excited!

have fun!
Current Mood: flustered!

18th April 2005

3:41pm: ugh...i miss florida!!!
real date-april 11

how does time seem to fly so fast?
like seriously..it seems like 2 minutes ago when like i was getting all ready to go and now its over?! holy jebus...this sucks!
oh well..it kinda feels good to be home, but not really..
see, not as much progress as i expected has been made on our house but oh well, like idk it just kinda sucks b/c like im only gonna live here like 3 more years and i want like it all to be done by then and idk if it is for sure or not. but oh well..doesn't really matter. but yeah..florida..i miss it a lot. many great memories there man and i can't wait til next year! im out

have fun!
Current Mood: good

16th April 2005

9:21am: florida..today! whoo hoo!
alrighty..we don't leave for the airport for another couple hours so i figured i'd post something in here for you all to read or something like that.

oh yeah, real date-March 31

not a whole ton is happening in the life of gimpy..our house is like crazy b/c of all the stuff we're doing to it and whatnot but oh well..i still really like it a lot. :) yesterday was fun. especially, as usual, in ips hahaha. man, i love that class..im definitely gonna miss it next year. man, im gonna miss a lot of things next year. as crazy as this sounds, i don't want the year to end. like seriously, freshman year has been the best year of my life..by far..and thats thanks to a lot of things but mostly just a few people in particular. and like when we had spring fling a couple fridays ago like i was comparing it to the spring fling we went to in 8th grade and i couldn't believe how different things have gotten. like i've become such a different person. im actually like not stuck-up anymore! which idk..i don't think i was really as stuck up as i make myself out to be but like, when i compare myself this year to myself last year..its like night and day. i have no idea how that happened..but its not a bad thing. :)

don't worry, for all of you who have nothing better to do other than read this..i promise to post something as soon as i get back from treasure island, florida! {well, it'll prolly be the monday after since our plane gets in at like midnight next sunday}....see ya then! :)

have a fun spring break!
Current Mood: happy

15th April 2005

4:42pm: okay..so i could pull a macgyver and get a pc hooked up! yessssssssssssss
Real date..March 29

alrighty..a lots happened since my last entry...
first off, we moved in to the new house which i really love. like we have really nice neighbors and i swear everyone in our neighborhood has a dog! but so do we so it works out good. i mean, i liked our old neighborhood and im definitely gonna miss bein an eastsider but i really like our new neighborhood and whatnot. plus im in walking distance to kibby cobb where they have ben and jerry's..im real excited! but the contractors and painter and all that fun stuff won't be done til after spring break..which sucks b/c i currently do not have a bedroom/bathroom thingy. except of course my little table with all my stuff on it in front of this mirror in our hallway haha...but oh well, i still really love living here so its all good. not to much else to say other than states in the final four! whoo-hoo! we got them uspets:D...

have fun! spring break..2 freakin days! yessssssss treasure island fla
Current Mood: cheerful

14th April 2005

11:49pm: okay..so this is gonna be the last entry for a while
alrighty..i've been meaning to do one of these for a while, so here goes....

.: x full name- Brittany Noelle Claire {claire is my conformation name, but i like it haha} and im not putting my last name on here..some like 47 year-old guy could be reading this or something..thats just creepy
.: x height- 5'4''
.: x hair color- dark brown
.: x real hair color- same as before
.: x eye color- brown

.: x name of school- Lumen Christi High School
.: x nicest teacher- prolly aaron b/c he never knows whats going on
.: x meanest teacher- omg..the graz, she should be like kicked in the head
.: x best class- ips oh man..how could it not be?
.: x best subject- math
.: x worst class- religion
.: x worst subject- religion..sad, i know.
.: x what do you think about PE or athletics?- i actually kinda like gym b/c i wanna stay like in shape and whatnot
.: x drink- diet pepsi or cherry kool aid {oh man..i live for cherry kool aid}
.: x ice cream flavor- half baked/phish food/cookie dough-ben and jerrys {i am like attracted to ben and jerrys ice cream..we're getting married someday...}
.: x smell- uhmm..prolly my g-ma's house when shes making chicken and dumplings--my favorite or abercrombie and fitch perfume
.: x sport- hockey..by a landslide!
.: x channel- mtv
.: x movie-definitely Miracle and/or Sixteen Candles {dong..where is my automobile? lmao}
.: x song-hmm..hands down-dashboard confessional, dream on-aerosmith, lots of 80's music and tons of other songs i looove too
.: x celebrity- Adam Brody..yummmm
.: x memory- oh man..prolly growing up with my two best friends and doing oh so many things together :)
.: x candy- hmm..heath bars or butterfingers or reeses pieces are real good too!
.: x show- the oc, 24, family guy, the simpsons, real world
.: x animal- geckos..i am in love with the Geico gecko..hes sooo hot man haha
This or that
.: x roses or daisies- roses except they die really quickly
.: x cell phone or AIM- prolly aim
.: x mall or movies- mall..you can't talk to people in the movies plus my butt always hurts from the way i sit in movies..its real wierd
.: x tv or computer- computer
.: x cat or dog- uhmm..both have their ups and downs
.: x rock or rap- idk..depends i guess
.: x water or milk- water
.: x shorts or pants- shorts
.: x dinner and a movie or walk on the beach- walk on the beach
.: x blue or pink- pink
.: x color or black and white- depends
.: x friends or family- well....
.: x baseball or basketball- basketball
.: x coke or pepsi- pepsi
.: x bright or dark- bright most of the time
Current Mood: tired..moving sucks

13th April 2005

7:40pm: omajb..tomorrows aarons birthday! haha
aarons birthday tomorrow! wish him a superfly birthday! the big 2-9!

okay..this is the third freaking time i've had to redo this stupid thing! arghh..just so ya know, today is march 23, not april 13 like it says and idk how to fix it so yeah.

won't be any entrys for a while b/c of the whole moving thing. and my dads taking us to the pistons/pacers game friday..whoo hoo! then like the pc won't be set up at our new house for a while. unless, of course, i can pull a macgyver and like get my mom to set one of em up but i don't see that being possible seeing as how we have like waaaaaay bigger fish to fry with all the work we have to do there. and it really sucks b/c the basement {aka me and whits bedrooms, bathroom, and rec room thingy} won't be ready til at least after spring break which really sucks b/c i have to like sleep on the couch or something til then..arghhh..but oh well. spring break in like 8 freaking days! can't freaking wait! treasure island, fla! yay! im so freaking sick of winter. so yeah, it'll most likely be like midapril til my next entry or something. my house is about to become one effed up place..which sucks a lot of grass.

oh yeah, be sure to check out the skankwhore who left that super-sweet comment on my last entry {the first one}. she sounds so cool with her "gurlz" {love the 'z' on the end! totally rad man!} who totally backed her up when a few of my friends were trashin her....just read it.

have fun! and see ya in april! :):/
Current Mood: happy

12th April 2005

6:07pm: yeah...
that subject box thing is real annoying. but anyways, mr brown is pathetic. PATHETIC! okay like me and caitlin are late everyday, we never pay attention {as well as the rest of the class}, we're always doing some kind of h/w in there, we always have food, gum, or both and we don't do any of the work yet we've never gotten in trouble in there once although im sure the rest of the freshman class is like the same way. he seriously like needs a friend or something. i hope to god my mom will like kick me out {if i haven't moved out already} by the time im 28 years-old and if she hasn't and im still living there..well, i'll probably {hopefully} hang myself b/c chances are i wouldn't have anything to live for anyways! but yeah..thats about it for my day, it was fun cept my shoes kept like slipping off my feet then my pant leg would go into my shoes..oh my buddha..that was real annoying. my gimp was worse than usual seeing as how i couldn't walk three freaking feet without fixing them..but anyways nothing more to say. im out.

have fun!
Current Mood: discontent-not sure why though

11th April 2005

10:21pm: oh how exciting the life of gimpy is..not
ugh..how did this happen? how did the weekend become soooo boring! i mean, like im glad cheerleadings over and all but like now my saturdays are like boring and stuff. its so wierd. like today, i woke up, ate, watched tv, got on the pc, and like went to see the ring 2 which was like kinda scary but mostly just wierd! like idk..thats the only way i know how to describe it was just 'weird'..but anyways. yesterday was real fun though. i was so glad b/c me, caitlin, and tara finally got to do something together and it was real fun. and spring fling was fun too im just bummed b/c it was the last dance of the year. darn! that means no more rumors for stupid girls to spread around about themselves then deny it when people confront em about it. gee, that sure never happens {not}. oh well..can't do anything about it if people need to draw attention to themselves for a popularity gain by making themselves seem like sluts when really, they're like all 'holsum' and whatnot. not saying im like a "rebel" and whatnot but i don't put myself off to be like ya know? idk..that just bugs me. like especially when its people that other people associate you with through like whatever so therefore they stereotype you into being the kind of girl thats just one ginormous cry for attention, when im not.
Current Mood: annoyed..hence the entry

9th April 2005

5:40pm: theres no such thing as 'almost'
what's the point of the word 'almost'? like the way i see it, you either did or didn't do whatever you're saying you 'almost' did {depending on what you 'almost' did} especially b/c the word almost is open to oh so much interpretation. like for example if someone were to say they 'almost' died when you fell down the steps, like that could mean you got badly injured and were within an inch of death. but like if you {you meaning figuratively speaking, not you as in whoevers reading this} say you 'almost' did 'something' {you know what i mean by something} with someone then that could mean a number of things {depending on how big of a liar you are and how much attention you're trying to get by saying that}. it could mean you like made eye contact with them {omg..you're so getting married! you made eye contact..omg!} or like well, lets just say the zippers were unzipped but you both like backed out or something..idk. like its just stupid. the way i see it, theres no point in saying you 'almost' did something b/c that could just mean a number of things. you either did, or you didn't.

Current Mood: content

8th April 2005

5:02pm: aaaarmadillo! aaarmadillo! oh wow...hahah
and uhmm..chances are you don't know what the heck armadillo is or w/e so yeah..nothin real exciting happened today cept for armadillo..oh man, that was great. its still funny to me how people gossip so much..but some things in this world will never change.

have fun!
Current Mood: chipper

7th April 2005

5:30pm: ha-ha-ha..i told you so, oh man..i wanna say it soooo bad
yeah, like the subject hints..i told you so, i told you so, i told you so, i told you so! oh man..okay, got that outta my system. just kinda had to say it. like it ticks me off though b/c i was made to look like the 'bad guy' when i was right about the whole situation. oh well..w/e, its over now and not my problem. so yeah, nothin really exciting happened today cept in first hour. oh man, aaron needs a friend, i repeat: AARON NEEDS A FRIEND! BADLY! but yeah thats about it for my day..nothin real exciting like i said and i have like 3 tests tomorrow. see normally, i'd just do all my h/w in ips but i can't so i guess i should go do all that now dang it...arghh..post more later or something..idk...

have fun!
Current Mood: content

6th April 2005

5:31pm: uhmm..another monday, nothin too exciting about that.
uhm, not too much to say about today. it was fun i guess except miss grazaiedei {or however you spell it} should be like beaten savagely, but me and cait got that hahaha in the chapel..oh wow...we're terrible-terribly funny that is! but uhmm..anyways i think its funny when like people complain about rumors supposedly being spread about them but like they act as though the rumors were true. like the way i see it, people are always gonna talk. like always. but like just don't listen ya know? idk..rumors are stupid and its even stupider when people are stupid hypocrites about them. like they say they hate em and they're dumb but like then they provoke the spreading of them like..its gay. idk..just thought i'd share that.

have fun!
Current Mood: giddy

5th April 2005

6:45pm: uhmm..so i have a stepdad now? ahh! haha
ahh...this weekend went from crazy to calm to crazier to fun to crazy to fun to booooooooooooooring and now im here. so yeah. it was funny though cuz like an hour ago or so i was looking for all my old like backstreet boys and N*SYNC cd's and stuff and i started looking through all my baby pictures and stuff. omg, that is seriously like one of my favorite things to do like look at baby pictures and baby clothes and whatnot. it was cool though b/c like my mom and her friend made me and my sisters these little sweatshirts that said 'go andy! # 15' for like my moms friends son who played on lc basketball and we'd like wear em to the games and stuff..they were so cute! i wanna like get em like made for my size today and stuff. and then like i started listenin to the 'millenium' cd by backstreet boys and whatnot and it was so cool! like i still knew all the lyrics and whatnot to the songs and omg..like uh..i miss the days where like we all listened to bsb and nsync and britney spears and all them {and don't even say you didn't b/c you know you did!} so i've decided im bringing that teeny-bopper music as well as side-ponies back! haha..well, i'll try anyways. who's with me?! hahaha..oh wow. man that music like is bringin back soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many memories like omg soooooo many memories. playin barbies and like fillin my whole room with the house for em then like right after we would get all set up we'd all of a sudden get bored w/ em and like clear out a space and do karaoke. haha omg..cait and tara especially know what im talkin about. and like playin house, OH MY GOD, we played some hardcore house man..like 5, 6 hours at a time! and then it'd always end in some kind of fight like omg..those were the days girls. then like all the concerts we went to! backstreet boys, nsync, britney spears omg..they were great. i miss those days man..i miss em!
Current Mood: cheerful

2nd April 2005

7:48pm: oh jebus..14 more hours til i have a stepdad! ahh!
oh geez..who knew a wedding would like key someone up like this?! like today my mom has been flipping out all day. which is good in one way b/c when me, her, and kristi {johnson, not harworth haha} went to the mall today to get like jewelry and stuff for the wedding, she didn't say no to like anything i wanted to get so i got like a bunch of new jewelry and its real cute. but like we were in the car and she would say things like 5 or 6 times like over and over again. it was freakin me out. hopefully she'll be a little more relaxed later b/c its drivin me nuts! but anyways i was thinkin earlier about like what advice i would ever give to my kids {particularly girls} and i only came up with one thing: don't be a poser, be yourself. b/c posers never have real friends, they have friends that like them for the person they aren't. not to mention that posers are totally stupid. but idk..i thought i'd share that with you all. wish me luck!..tomorrow oughta be interesting..oh geez...

have fun!
Current Mood: giddy

1st April 2005

7:11pm: no subject
eh..today was fun. not really a whole lot to say that i can put in here b/c ya never know whos reading this so idk..if ya wanna talk, ask. but other than that..idk..just not a whole lot to say that you should just put out there, ya know?
Current Mood: discontent

30th March 2005

4:48pm: arghh..the graz is just retarded
cait--we will like have our vengeance on the graz and sister barb or w/e..argh..just b/c shes hateful "this is a hallway, not a playground' okay, yeah..w/e lady. its not my fault you wear a fleece that says kroger on it and have a mullet. anyways..not too much else to say other than yeah, shes really retarded and should be like kicked in the head!

have fun!
Current Mood: happy

29th March 2005

10:06pm: uhmm..no subject for now
eh, like ive said every sunday, i hate sundays. i just do. but anyways, friday ms heintz 'aka ms ketchup' gave us this assignment thingy to find a picture of everyone on either side of our family for like a poster project thingy. and so like i was looking through our old photo albums and whatnot and was like idk..it was weird b/c i saw all these pictures of my mom and dad at like prom and in high school and at like graduation and stuff and i saw how like happy they were and everything..idk, it was just like different. and it made me really sad to see that the best years of my life are eventually gonna end and whatnot. like this weekend w/ both bball and hockey losin and seein all the seniors cryin and whatnot like they knew it would be the last time they ever played that sport {at least with that many people there} it just made me sad. like then we're movin and stuff in like 2 weeks and when we were lookin for houses, my mom and rick were like 'well, brit and whit are only gonna be there for like a few more years' and i was like 'omg..what? no, that cant be right!' and like just flippin out and stuff. idk..its just scary to think that in 3 years, im gonna be on my own. ON MY OWN!? how?! like and senior year seems so far off, but its really not. like the only way i can sum it up is 'blink and you'll miss it'. idk..freshman year has been by far the best year of my life. hands down. and i don't want it to end, even though it seems so far off its really not. this is probably the first year of my life that im really not looking forward to summer just b/c i love high school and i have fun and stuff and idk...i just don't want it to end.
Current Mood: indifferent
12:50pm: ..bummer:(
man..this weekend can only be summed up with one word--'bummer'. i mean, it was still really fun and all but like it just sucks that both basketball and hockey lost. but goin to both games was a lotta fun with cait. we seriously like have a ton of fun goin to school stuff like even though for some reason we get like the weirdest looks from people--''don't hit me!'' haha..wow, we're dorks but its fun. but anyways not really too much to say other than my weekends been totally sleep deprived b/c realtors are retarded. why would you schedule a house showing for 8:45 in the morning on a saturday then 9:30 in the morning on a sunday? thats just extremely retarded. but yeah..i think im gonna finish watching radio so if for some reason i have something like 'interesting' to say i'll put something in here later...

have fun!
Current Mood: disappointed

28th March 2005

12:30pm: maybe its all just a blessing in disguise....{maybe not}
okay, isn't like marriage supposed to be happy? like idk..my mom is like stressing out b/c shes getting married friday and stuff and like its just retarded. when i get married, i don't want it to be like this. i don't care if its perfect b/c like the fact that i would be beginning the rest of my life with someone i love {hopefully anyways...} like would be perfect enough, ya know? so why would she like be like the way she is? idk..i've seriously like gotta get away from my family right now..idk..its just everyones all caught up in stupid stuff and its getting old..fast...idk, only way to go is up...i hope...

have fun!
Current Mood: energetic..surprisingly

27th March 2005

11:11pm: .....
first off, good job lc basketball, you put up a hell of a fight! never giving up no matter what the scoreboard said, great job guys. but idk..i don't get people these days. the way they get themselves so caught up in stupid things like gossiping and whatnot. honestly, like i wanna get away from that. im sick of it. all it does is hurt people and give people a false sense of security making them think that if they talk behind enough people's backs then no one would dare talk behind their back. uhm, yeah, what goes around, comes around. ever heard of that saying? idk..its just stupid and like annoying but i guess some things in this world will never change...

have fun!
Current Mood: blah

8th March 2005

9:49pm: ...no el subject-o
eh..today was okay. i had a gym test on bball that i think i did good on {b/c im such a baller haha} and like we had enchiladas for lunch pretty much the two highlights of my day. idk..things are kinda boring lately, maybe the wedding'll shake things up, eh? oh geez..just thinkin about the whole thing like idk..its cool and whatnot..but idk..its gonna be different. like i haven't had a guy {other than tuffy, my dog} living in my house for like prolly 10 years now and idk..its just gonna be different...and like idk...just some stuff has happened lately thats just a bummer and stuff and idk..thats really the only way to say it..idk...
Current Mood: blah
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